Buying in the future retail store is going to be a digital touch screen experience. It will offer a variety of interactive choices based on buyer's tastes and preferences.


The First Screen of the display to start your bike creation.


A customer is going to be able to build a bike using 3D interactive display with the real size bike. The style, shape and color will be easily personalized making the creation of the final product more like a fashion statement.

After all of the selections were made, the finished bike information
and price will be sent on your iPhone via the Republic Bike App.

Using a stationary bike and a touch-screen display customers will be able to take a bike for a ride in their city of choice. A panoramic video background of the rout is projected on the screen as they ride along.

Touching the symbols of the cyclists on the map one will be able to see the actual people of the area owning their Republic Bikes and the Republic Bike related events.

Our research has shown the owners of the Republic Bike would create a great virtual community where like-minded people with the same lifestyle and interests could meet, make new friends and share information. The Republic Bike Ring would also enable its members to organize get-togethers, rallies and other related events.Take your bike to any locale and cycle around with friends!

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